Standard available services are listed below, but custom services may be performed by request. Please use the contact form at the end of this page for additional details or to schedule a consultation.



WordPress Security

Securing your WordPress site is critical to the privacy and success of you and your customers. WordPress security services include a professional consultation regarding your overall security posture, implementation of the recommended upgrades and features, and continuous monitoring and remediation of malicious threats.



Vulnerability Assessment

Internal Network, External Network, and Web Application

A vulnerability assessment is an in-depth evaluation of your security posture. By identifying and quantifying security vulnerabilities in your environment, areas of improvement are identified and mitigation procedures are established. A vulnerability assessment may stand on it’s own or act as the part of any qualified penetration test.



Penetration Test

Internal Network, External Network, and Web Application

A penetration test simulates the actions of a malicious actor (hacker) aiming to breach the security of your organization. More in depth than a vulnerability assessment, vulnerabilities are identified in your environment for improvement and exploited to gain access to critical systems and sensitive information. This is preferred over a vulnerability assessment to firmly establish routes of attack a malicious actor may take.

* All tests may be performed in white box, black box, or gray box environments.



Security Consulting

Consult with a security expert on security challenges, implementations, projects, or to have as part of your next engagement.




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